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Tell us a little about you.

@womanon: My name is Manon. I’m a 27-year- old based in the Netherlands. I work as a full-time English teacher, and I run a small embroidery business on the side. Apart from embroidering, other hobbies of mine include reading, writing, photography and gaming.

Tell us a little about your Bookstagram account and how it got started.

@womanon: I started my account in 2017. In autumn of 2016, I fully refound my love for reading, and I distinctly remember searching for the hashtag ‘book’ on Instagram one night. I came across all these beautiful photos and I thought to myself: ‘I want to do this as well’. I then started posting about books every once in a while, but it wasn’t until summer 2017 that I fully got into it.

Who is your favorite indie/small press author and why?

@womanon: I think it has to be one of the first indie authors I read, Elise Kova. I got her Air Awakens series one Christmas, and binged the whole thing within a week. I was so addicted, and to be honest: I still am. That series remains one of my favourites to this day. And ever since that series, I have read every book by her!

What is one of your favorite wintertime reads?

@womanon: When I think of winter, one book that comes to mind is A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Cliché, I know. But I feel like this book captures the essence of winter for me: those slow, quiet mornings spent reading with a cup of coffee or tea; the magic of the first snowfall; the cosiness of early evenings spent by the fire.

Name: Manon

Favorite Character: Anne Shirley-Cuth-Bert (from Anne of Green Gables)

Favorite Genre: Historical fantasy and general fantasy

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