Bookstagram @parysinthepages

Bookstagram parysinthepages

Tell us a little about you.

@parysinthepages: My name is Parys. I’m 30 years old. When I don’t have my face buried in a book I will be playing with my boxer, Teddy.

Tell us a little about your Bookstagram account and how it got started.

@parysinthepages: I am someone who rediscovered their love for reading when lockdown hit. I never had the guts to start a bookstagram at that time, I just admired all the beautiful images. That was until January this year, when I finally decided that I should start believing in myself more. Now, I enjoy taking my photographs and talking about all things bookish with amazing people!

Who is your favorite indie/small press author and why?

@parysinthepages: H D Carlton, C N Crawford, Stacey Marie Brown – there are too many to choose from!

What are some titles or authors you are excited to read in the upcoming months?

@parysinthepages: What Hunts in The Shadows, Daughter of Darkness, Kingdom of The Feared, and The Twisted series.

Name: Parys

Favorite Character: Brexley Kovacs from The Savage Lands series, because who doesn’t love a strong female lead that depends on no one.

Favorite Genre: Fantasy Romance

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