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Name: Brittany

Favorite Author: Rick Riordan; What, did you expect something different? I love Percy Jackson!

Favorite Genre: Horror, all day every day.

Tell Us A Little about You. 

@Horror_Haus_Books:  My name is Brittany. I’m 32 to years old and I live in Western New York. When I’m not completely emerged in a book you can easily find me either playing a video game or reorganizing my bookshelves.

Tell Us A Little about your Bookstagram account And How It Got Started.

@Horror_Haus_Books:  I started my account back in December of 2021 because I wanted someplace to share all of my book posts and to maybe make some other bookish friends. It’s a horror based page where I focus mainly on indie horror authors. I was shocked to see how big the book community actually is and how welcoming it was, especially for this genre in particular. People love horror. 

Who is your Favorite indie/small press author and why?

@Horror_Haus_Books: This is a hard one because I’ve read a lot of stuff by some really great indie authors but I’d have to go with Scott Donnelly. His work in the indie horror genre is phenomenal, I was hooked right away and I will always highly recommend his stuff.

What is your all time favorite indie book?

@Horror_Haus_Books: Last year I was lucky enough to review Josephine’s Game by Clayton Tune and it easily became not only my favorite read of 2022 but my all time favorite indie book to date. Just imagine taking elements from Ouija boards and elements from Jumanji and turning it into one big nightmare of a game. It’s a wild ride. 

Tell us about why reading/bookstagram community is important to you?

@Horror_Haus_Books: Bookstagram is important to me because not only is it a way to help support and connect with indie authors but it’s a way to share my complete love for reading and books. I’ve gotten to know so many other great bookstagrammers and indie authors through this community. It’s been such a great experience. 

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Article originally Published in the June / July / August 2023 Issue: Summer Reads

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