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Tell us a little about you.

@emy_Reads: My name is Emy, I’m 23, Interior design major. I love all art that makes me feel something. I enjoy practicing yoga and cooking for my loved ones.

Tell us a little about your Bookstagram account and how it got started.

@emy_reads: I started my Instagram page in 2016 not knowing what bookstagram was. I remember joining the photo challenges in a readathon called The reading rush (ex Booktubeathon). At first, I didn’t post anything other than these challenges. Then in 2019, I decided to regularly share my love of reading books with everyone.

Why is reading works of writing from different countries and cultures important?

@emy_reads: Honestly, I believe one of the beauties of reading is that we get to jump into different characters each time we pick up a book.

Reading from different cultures helps us be more aware of our humanity, and that we all share similar difficulties. It also opens our eyes to the fact that there is a big side of the world that will always be hidden from us. That’s why we should always educate ourselves in order to empathize with each other, and treat one another with kindness whenever we can.


Name: Emy

Favorite Fall Read: The Invisible Life of Addie Laure

Favorite Genre: Contemporary Romance and Fantasy

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October / November 2022