Book Mom: Still No Pause Button For Life?

By Megan Lord


I am the mother of an adventurous and exhausting but amazing toddler boy that runs my life. I spend a ridiculous amount of time reading mind numbing children’s books over and over again because he has his select favorites… But when I do get time to read (or listen) I love reading and listening to a variety of genres. I get the most time to indulge in books of my choice during what I like to call “wind-down baths” once a week.

Once you have kids – you think about the future in different ways. FUTURE takes on a whole new meaning. And your future is no longer just yours. It’s hard not to care more about and think more about their future than your own. Every plan, every aspect of your life, involves them someway, somehow, or is dependent on them reaching a milestone. You think about your future, and their future ALL the time. Yet you look at them everyday and wish time could just stop – you could hit pause – they could just stay like this forever. You want the BEST future for them, but then at the same time you don’t even want to think about the fact they will one day be adults. They will one day no longer need you. They will one day possibly be parents themselves. And while these are HAPPY things, its all so bittersweet. And deep down you just know, they’ll always be your babies.  

One Question A Day for Moms A Five-Year Journal – Daily Reflections on Motherhood 

I received this for Christmas, and started it January 1st of this year – and I LOVE IT. Not only does it have me reflecting more, it has me saving memories for my children, it has me thinking about and planning for the future. It has me reaching for more. It has me cherishing more. It has me finding light and positives in the days I would have otherwise written off as bad ones. 

If you have children, or you know what – even if you don’t – I highly recommend you take up journaling, with a prompt style book like this, or just free flow if you’re comfortable and able to just freely reflect and write. If nothing else, for the sake of the future! Leave something behind. Share memories others would never know existed if you didn’t write them down. Share your thoughts, share your ideas. Share YOU with the future. I truly believe it will matter and be appreciated by someone. 

My husband and I purchased our home from my grandparents 3 years ago. While going through their things and helping to clean out the house – I found a small prompted journal my Grandma had started – “Memories for my Grandkids”. She didn’t finish the journal, but she filled out enough for me to learn some things about her I otherwise wouldn’t have. My Grandma passed away last July – and let me tell you – things like this, wow do they matter in the future when memories are all you have left. Because of this find, I bought my parents prompted Grandparent Journals for Christmas to fill out for my kids. I don’t know if they are actually doing them, or did them, but I REALLY hope they did/are. Because the future is inevitable. There is no pause. There is no slowdown. Tomorrow comes again and again and before you know it, it IS the future. The future is now, the future is later, the future is kind of everything really. It’s true there is no time like the present, but isn’t the present also technically the future from when you were younger. From when your parents were younger, your grandparents? 

Alright – now I believe I’m starting to ramble a bit too much, that Mom Brain kicking in! But hey – get yourself a journal. Journal for your present sanity and for the future! I think you’ll find it rewarding, and someone will definitely find reward in it someday. This book mom is out – I need to sneak a little reading in while my husband still thinks I’m ‘working.

One Question a Day for Moms: Daily Reflections on Motherhood, a Five Year Journal

This multi-year journal encourages mothers everywhere to take a moment to themselves each day and answer simple questions about their thoughts and musings. Questions range from big and small to serious and silly, giving Mom the opportunity to share her thoughts about her life, interests, personal goals, and special moments as a mother. Over the course of five years, she can look back and reflect on how the answers to these questions have changed or stayed the same.

Article originally published in the June / July 2021 Issue: Futuristic.

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