June/July 2019

June/July 2019

Summer Reads

When I was a kid, summer meant books… well, and chore lists. Summers were filled with reading all kinds of books, even math and puzzle books.

Every summer we would go to the bookstore weekly to get new books to read—the Babysitters Club, Are You Afraid of the Dark, Ghostwriter, Goblins in the Castle, Among the Hidden. In fact, I distinctly remember laying on the steps upside down one afternoon (I was a weird child) and reading the entire third Harry Potter book. Which was then followed by me impatiently waiting for my mother to get home so I could beg her to take me to get a new book. Summers were also filled with library book sales where I would spend hours filling-up a box of books.

We might not be kids anymore where we have the pleasure of sitting and reading all summer, but I hope you find your next summer read in this issue. A read that will make great memories like those from our childhood. Our main feature ‘Countdown to Summer Reads’ is filled with over twenty great new titles of all genres from small press and independent authors across the world.

In this issue: Interviews with Jon McGregor, author of The Reservoir Tapes and Julia Dixon Evans, author of How To Set Yourself On Fire. Excerpts from new titles including Layla and the Lake, Alligator Zoo-Park Magic, Tornado Season, The Good Echo, and Something Like the End.