April/May 2019

Shelf Unbound

April/May 2019

A New Beginning

What is a new beginning? A new year is a new beginning. A new relationship, a new inning in a baseball game, a new book. New beginnings are adventures. For many, not without some angst. Perhaps it is just the awkwardness of meeting a new social group – or – it could be the unbelievable loss that changes an entire life’s trajectory. Our new beginning does not disregard our past. It is a continuation of the vision and values established by its founder Margaret Brown, but it is a new beginning for all of us, including you. We journey together to continue bringing readers the best in independent and small press publishing, and a platform for authors to share their wondrous stories. Our new beginning starts with Sarah Kloth taking the reigns as Editor-in-Chief.

In This Issue: Interview with Liza Wiemer author of Hello?, Interview with Dame Davohn author of The Sons of Shea, The Flipback Book and Interview with creator Royal Jongbloed.

Shelf Unbound 2019 April May