October / November 2021

In this annual Read Global issue, featuring books in translation, we remember that just 3 percent of books published in the United States are translated from other languages. And yet, these books in translation are our best opportunity to learn about and empathize with our neighbors across the globe. In this issue we celebrate the […]

August/ September 2021

No matter where summer takes you, we have a great collection of amazing indie reads to fill your days, from new voices to old favorites. Our summer reads list goes beyond your typical ‘beach reads’ to provide a breadth of genres no matter where summer takes you. Oh, and if you are planning a trip […]

June / July 2021

From Ready Player One and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy to Neal Shusterman’s Unwind series, Sci-fi and Dystopian have always been two of my favorite genres. We sat down with two amazing authors in this issue, who have authored more than a dozen sci-fi novels, to talk about their new books and what it’s […]

April / May 2021

What makes a book cover great? Well, in this issue of Shelf Unbound, we go behind the scenes with authors, publishers, and cover artists to get a glimpse of what goes into the cover design of some of your favorite indie novels.

February / March 2021

This issue is dear to my heart. It is our first crossover edition featuring our sister publication, Girl Plus Book, a young adult book blog. Girl Plus Book started as a small passion project that I created over 10 years ago with an old college buddy of mine. And now we are proud to announce […]

December/January 2021

We receive book after book as entries in our annual Shelf Unbound Best Indie Book Competition. We received hundreds of entries this year in all manner of genres. You can find the winners, finalists, long-listed, and our top “Notable” books in this issue. To everyone who entered, we want to let you all know how […]

October/November 2020

Like travel, reading global allows you to experience other cultures beyond what you learn in history books or on travel shows. Translated fiction delivers new voices we as readers connect to from across the globe. And we have access to these stories thanks to the translators and editors committed to sharing more these stories across […]

August/September 2020

historic indie reads

In This Issue: You will find The Great Historic Roundup as historical fiction authors discuss the importance of historical fiction and how they utilize it in their storytelling. We talk with Marthese Fenech, bestselling author of historical novels set in sixteenth-century Europe, as she discussed her process of writing her historical fiction novel Falcon’s Shadow. […]

June/July 2020

summer indie reading list 2020

In this issue we have a diverse selection of new indie reads to add to your summer reading list. We discuss with Chelsea Bieker, motherhood, abandonment, and cults in her debut novel Godshot. We talk with Sarah Leipciger about her stunning sophomore novel, Coming up for Air. And we discuss last meals with food critic […]

April/May 2020

With the recent news of the Coronavirus outbreaks many people have been in quarantine or self-isolation looking for ways to entertain. Aside from the binge watching and video conference calls, it’s great to see reading come to the forefront. With publishers and other companies offering free e-books and audiobooks, and a surge of readers looking […]