April/May 2020

Shelf Unbound

April / May 2020

Indie Debuts

With the recent news of the Coronavirus outbreaks many people have been in quarantine or self-isolation looking for ways to entertain. Aside from the binge watching and video conference calls, it’s great to see reading come to the forefront. With publishers and other companies offering free e-books and audiobooks, and a surge of readers looking for and sharing book recommendations, this issue will help satisfy that interest. I think we can all agree that there truly is nothing better than finding a great new author – a new unique voice, a new perspective, a new world.

In this issue you will find a collection of debut indie authors from a variety of different genres. Read excerpts of unreleased titles, view our library of new indie titles coming this year, and find interviews with first time authors to get an inside look at the journey to bring your favorite novel to life.