Mission Trips

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Mission Trips

by D.L. Graser

Spending time in many countries with medical mission teams, I have met amazing people. I learn about their culture, food, the region and see their struggles.

Health is a big issue for the poor of our world. Can you imagine not getting treated for a simple cut the evolves into a mass infection you could lose a limb over, or a boil the size of a grapefruit on your back or even a worm that burrowed into your leg muscle that began doing terrible things to your leg and you had no means to get it out. These are just a couple cases I have seen over the years. So, you hear a medical team will be in your country and you need to get to the doctors; finally there is hope that you can be healed.

Some people travel many, many miles just to get to the city we are in. Most of the time they walk or grab a ride on an already overstuffed (I hope I make it) bus/car/wagon. This could take several days to arrive at our makeshift clinic. Now that I think about it, I remember one fella said it took him almost a week to reach us! 

I witnessed many adults and children healed from infection, parasites,disease, etc… I am so thankful for the doctors and nurses who give of their time and resources to meet the need. On every trip we lived outside our comfort/safety zone.

I help people with vision problems to see clearly again. Adults are especially happy because they can resume their handy work and then sell their goods in the village which allows then to provide food for their family. The students do better in school because they can read the chalk board. Some students get headaches because of eye strain. They couldn’t read what was written on paper or on the chalk board by their teacher. Glasses were the answer in most cases.

The little children touch my heart the most. They are so innocent and loving. I watched the kids in Africa take bits and pieces of nothing and make toys to entertain themselves. Some children sit and draw in the dirt. So, I did too. I watched boys twist thin reeds together to make a truck and securing a stick on it so he could stand and drive it about the village, then all of a sudden, an old tire comes flying through the village with a child running alongside of it trying to control its path! They have a blast doing this stuff using their imagination and creativity.

I hope one day to fill my suitcase with art supplies and head to an isolated place in Africa for a couple of weeks to encourage young people to let their creative juices flow. Can you imagine a child experiencing clay,crayons, markers or paint for the first time? Who knows by tapping into their creative side what maybe unleash within them?

There is one I know personally; He is the greatest of all. God made all creation. He made you and me, carefully knitting us in the womb of our mothers. Being blessed as a creative person with a crazy imagination, I have a hundredth of a speck, of a speck, of a speck, of His great creativity within me. I think everyone has been given creative specks within and those specks are just waiting to be discovered and used. 

Creativity is good, wake yours up if you are not using it and get to know it, you will have fun and you really will see the world differently. 

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Article originally Published in the October/November 2019 Issue “Read Global”

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